Where Am I?

Hello again!

It has been a while since content has been posted to the Descartes Experiment podcast. A lot has changed over the past few months and the podcast has taken a backseat to other projects that have come to the forefront of my attention. These projects will be posted online eventually (after they have gone through all the necessary channels). One of these Projects is Richie’s Shift, a short film I contributed towards that will hopefully be accepted into short film festivals before being posted online. This project has taken a lot of my time and I am overwhelmingly proud of Richie's Shift as the culmination of my film degree.

Once filming had wrapped I got to work on post-production of which I was almost entirely responsible, this is when the podcast stopped. Getting back into podcasting has been incredibly difficult as I just feel as though I have nothing to say. Because of this, I will be changing my content in order to suit my newer interests with political discussions entering whenever they are relevant.

The Descartes Experiment was set-up to be discussions of whatever I find interesting and that will take more of a front seat in my content. Continuations of series like Talking Tangents with David, Talking Rap with @hiphopheadass, and political conversations with Jeezy will continue when something interesting arrives for discussion which will hopefully be often.

1.       Live streaming:


Live streaming discussions and playing video games where we can hang out and chat will become far more frequent. My goal is to be able to host a live stream consistently every week for at least 4 or 5 hours. I will try to stick by this even with a crazy work schedule throughout January. The first live stream, the start of something new, will begin sometime next week (And the date and time will be added to this blog once it is established.


2.       Music:


I have recently joined David (of Talking Tangents fame) and his friend Brody as the sound guy for their musical duo Brody and Dave. I help with production and post-production as well as things like music videos and creative consultancy. This is a new outlet that can be seen on their Facebook Page and that will be frequently linked on my website and social media pages. Discussions of music, music theory and artists I enjoy will be common as I delve headfirst into the creative aspect of music for the very first time. I have even been learning the piano

Maybe I could live stream me learning so you can laugh at me as punishment for not posting content ;) 


3.       YouTube


Content from the livestreams will be edited and posted on YouTube in bitesize chunks that can range from entire discussions and musings, to highlights from games or music streams. This is somewhat hard to do as my computer has been shitting itself lately but after I upgrade my computer this will become a lot easier for me to do. In a lot of ways this would function as a visual version of the podcast that will be far less frequent.


4.       And Finally, The Podcast


The podcast will be content ripped from the livestreams and will almost always incorporate a visual element in the YouTube channel and an audio only version that will be accessible on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, Soundcloud, etc. It will be rare that content is exclusive to the podcast but it is far easier to digest whilst at the gym, driving or doing chores. (My favourite podcast listening times)


For all of your that have been listening from the beginning, you will remember a far smaller hiatus I took at the beginning of last year in order to prepare content that ended up being content I was incredibly proud of. Thanks for sticking through my inconsistency and being an audience to my shitty opinions and tangential discussions. 2018 will be a new year with new goals and hopefully we can do it together.

If you would like to be a part of any of my content, feel free to message the Facebook page or tweet at me @advocate4devil. I would be more than happy to have discussions on your terms, play games with you on the live stream, or accept criticism and grow as a person.


Safe Debating!