Welcome to the Devil's Advocate Blog

The Descartes Experiment has come a long way since I started it around 9 months ago. I have honestly enjoyed the process so much and I am so excited to see where this goes from here.

The next big step in this format is audience involvement and I want to know what you think! If you follow my Facebook you will be granted an avenue to be in contact with me directly. Currently I try to post at least twice a day and the comment section is always open to you. From there I will make blog posts from your recommendations, record podcast episodes with you or collaborate with you even more directly.

The podcasting community is too small to be on your own and as we all know, building the initial audience is the hardest part so that is where we need to come together. If you are interested in podcasting and would like to collaborate (as I have done in the past) feel free to use the aforementioned Facebook link or follow me on Twitter.

I hope we can all be at the forefront of community created content (I love alliteration) and we can come together to make this amazing format as strong as it should be.


Gotta go, recording with David in twenty minutes. ;)